IPS leads to a successful career transition for Brittany

After Brittany lost her job at Compass Health she wasn’t sure she would find another job that suited her needs. With the help of her IPS team, Brittany found a position at Parentlink in less than one month.

The Individual Placement and Support program, or IPS, is a zero-exclusion, evideBrittany works at her computer.nce-based practice that helps people with disabilities find a job of their choice with rapid job search and placement services.

Brittany enjoys that her job at ParentLink is different every day, and she never knows what kind of cases or calls she will assist with. ParentLink is part of the University of Missouri College of Education, and provides assistance to obtaining parenting information and supports for daily living, home management, and family well-being, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. ParentLink provides support to all Missourians, including families and professionals across the state.

“Working is important to me because it gives me a since of purpose,” said Brittany. “It allows me to make my own living and not have to rely on anyone else. (And) I get to assist callers with locating resources to help them be successful.”

One of Brittany’s greatest strength is her advocacy skills. Brittany is never afraid to discuss what she needs to complete her job. The supportive and collaborative environment at ParentLink allows her to do her job efficiently and effectively.

Brittany’s supervisor at ParentLink, Amy Evans, said, “We provide adaptive equipment such as Zoom text and Dragon Speak and a recorder on the line she will answer. We provide Zoom (text or video) support and supervision as needed and this can be available throughout her shift for consultation. We do this for any of our staff members, so everyone feels supported and does not feel alone since we work remotely. In addition, our staff works together using all their areas of expertise, so a collaborative environment supports everyone.”

Another principle of IPS is time-unlimited supports. Job supports are individualized and continue for as long as each worker wants and needs the support. When Brittany was first hired, her BCFR Community Employment Specialist Maddy assisted her with speaking to the University accommodations office to ensure her work computer was able to meet her accessibility needs. Maddy continues to talk weekly with Brittany and provide assistance when needed.

Maddy said, “The favorite part of my job is assisting clients like Brittany with finding a job that meets their career goals.”