American Healthcare Act and You

American Healthcare Act

American Healthcare Act and You

As you may have heard, the United States Senate is expected to vote soon on the American Healthcare Act, revised from a version passed by the House. Numerous disability-related organizations and advocacy groups are expressing concern that provisions of the Act – in particular Medicaid cuts – would impact future supports and services for people […]

Close-up of Louise sitting outside.

Louise Strives for Independence

The Supported Living program helps participants live the lives they want to live while providing the individual supports they may need to thrive in the community, connect with others, and achieve personal goals. Louise is an example of someone who has definitely thrived within the Supported Living program. Louise has participated in the program since […]

Close up photo of Alisa

A Bright Future for Alisa

As Bosnian refugees, Alisa and her family came to the United States to seek a new future. Alisa, age 45, began receiving services through Boone County Family Resources ten years ago when her family moved to Columbia. With both parents working at that time, Alisa began services with Life & Work Connections Community Skills Specialist, […]