Columbia lacks in affordable disability housing despite groundbreaking

A man sits and watches as two staff members set up a laptop for a skype call

Closing the Distance with Technology

John, 46, has been participating in the Supported Living program since 1989. He grew up in Columbia with a brother and a sister in a close-knit family and up until a year ago, he would spend every weekend with his mother at their family‚Äôs home. Family is very important to John. When his mother, Joan, […]

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Landscape Crew Grows Skills for the Workplace

The Life & Work Connections program offers on-the-job vocational skills training through the Landscape Crew to young adults aspiring to obtain community employment. This year, there were seven participants on the crew ranging in age from 15 to 30 years old. Work begins typically once school is out for the summer and continues through early […]