Pet Ownership Supports Independence

Sean lifts up the hermit crab habitat to see what it's doing

Pet Ownership Supports Independence

Sean is a hermit crab expert. He knows everything there is to know about the creatures. He had raised them in the past when he was younger, but when he got one from his grandparents as an early Christmas gift, his new pet became the first one he cared for independently at the apartment building […]

Ellen sitting at a desk in her bedroom

Ellen Excels at Independent Living

Moving into your own place is something that most young adults can’t wait to do and Ellen is no exception. With life skills training through Life & Work Connections and some determination, Ellen set a goal to move into her own apartment which she accomplished in October of last year. “I LOVE IT!” exclaims Ellen. […]

Erin sits at her desk in her office at the City of Columbia

Erin Connects with the Community

Erin, 38, and her dad, John, had a special bond as many fathers and daughters do. He was a big advocate for Erin throughout her school years and was instrumental in getting her involved in activities in the community such as Special Olympics. After graduation from Hickman High School, Erin and John spent a lot […]