A Trip to the State Fair

Six people pose at the Missouri State Fair

A Trip to the State Fair

At the end of this summer, several residents from Supported Living decided they would like to go to the Missouri State Fair so they worked with staff to plan a trip. Dale, Doug, Janice, Laura, Tina, and Michelle along with Supported Living staff Alison and Alicia traveled west Sedalia to take it all in at […]

Alex pauses his janitorial work to take a picture

Janitorial Crew Contracts with Local Company

Patrick and Alex are building skills for community employment, through participation on the Life & Work Connections work crew. Recently, Life & Work Connections, Inc. contracted with Midwest Special Needs Trust, for the provision of cleaning services. Patrick and Alex are among several crew members who rotate in filling two shifts per week at Midwest […]

Isaac wearing a blue shirt

A Man on a Mission

Isaac is a charming 22-year-old college student who carries on a lively conversation – especially if it revolves around sports or travel. He began receiving services from BCFR in 1999 with a diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder. Over the years he has received various supports through the agency, but most recently was referred to Vocational […]