Wyleta Walks in Water

Wyleta Walks in Water

Even on a cold winter’s morning, Wyleta seems ready to get in the pool. Samantha Jones, Teacher Counselor, helps her get into the lift chair and shed her outer layers of winter clothes to prepare for the soothing, warm waters in Occupational Therapist, Peggy Hendren’s, therapy pool. “She’s usually not happy getting her swim suit […]

On the Way to Living on Her Own

Jessica relaxes on her couch, watching a movie on a portable DVD player. She just finished eating a snack and is hanging out with her dog, Winston, before her bus comes to pick her up for work. Her tidy, clean apartment is sparsely decorated, but that’s only because she’s just moved in and is still […]

Brothers Achieve Better Outcomes

Aramis and Brandon are two gentle, sweet brothers who enjoy activities like other typical “tween” boys – playing outside, watching television, or playing video games. But that wasn’t always the case. Behavioral and developmental differences in the boys had parents Rosalva and Apolinar trying to seek assistance and navigate a social services system speaking very […]