The Future’s So Bright

The Future’s So Bright

Isaac is a charming, polite, talkative senior in high school who is excited about his future. He is looking forward with much anticipation to his upcoming 18th birthday and to finding a job in the community. After a rocky adjustment to life in high school a couple of years ago, Isaac has since recognized and […]

Howard Helps Build a Future for Others

Howard is man of few words, but when he and his support team were reviewing his individual plan and goals, Howard said he wanted to “work with wood.” Christi Brown, a Community Skills Specialist with Boone County Family Resources, during part of an assessment, got him to open up about what he really likes to […]

Dale – Wonderland Camper for Life

Even though autumn has officially arrived and the dreams of summer are fading, Dale from Team 16 was eager to share his experiences at Wonderland Camp from this year. “I’ve been going to camp ever since I was a kid,” he says. “I love camp.” Wonderland Camp is located in Rocky Mount, Missouri at the […]