Cindy’s Adventures in FaceTime

Cindy’s Adventures in FaceTime

“You know full well as I do the value of sisters’ affections: There is nothing like it in this world.” – Charlotte Bronte Cindy shares a very special bond with her older sister, Marci, one that grows stronger each day now with the help of technology. When Marci moved away from Columbia last spring, Cindy’s […]

Estan: Ready for Employment

When you first meet Estan, it is hard to believe that he used to be a quiet, shy guy. With a smile and some polite conversation, he works quickly to move from office to office in the main Boone County Family Resources building taking care of his janitorial tasks. Estan is a member of the […]

Reid Rocks the Rink

Reid is a giggly Kindergartner who likes seeing how things move and loves to help out around the house. He loads the dishwasher and enjoys making his own popcorn. Reid’s two favorite activities are playing with older sister, Jennie, and the family dog, Lucy. Reid was referred to Boone County Family Resources through the First […]

Tony Takes the Challenge

Encouraging Supported Living residents to eat a balanced and healthy diet in addition to getting daily exercise can sometimes be a challenge. So the staff at site 108 decided to invite residents to make exercise and healthy eating part of their daily routines. Residents could earn stickers for eating healthy meals and/or completing a certain […]

Boone County Family Resources Seeks Bid for Lighting

Boone County Family Resources is currently seeking a proposal for the removal of old light fixtures and the installation of new light fixtures for both  interior and exterior lighting for multiple properties owned by the agency. Interior: Remove and replace existing light fixtures and install additional fixtures to accommodate LED lights.  Properly dispose of light […]