Boone County Family Resources Seeks Bid for Lawn Care

Boone County Family Resources Seeks Bid for Lawn Care

Boone County Family Resources is currently seeking a proposal for lawn care for 14 properties owned by the agency. Interested parties should review the bid package for additional information. A mandatory pre-bid meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, January 22 during which the service locations will be reviewed and questions will be answered. The Bid Opening will be […]

C-J Celebrates in the Sunshine State

For Caye Jean, or C-J as she’s known around Team 3706, her annual trip to Florida to see her sister is something she looks forward to all year long. And this year was no exception. In mid-December, C-J, along with Kendall Schler, a Teacher Counselor with Boone County Family Resources, flew to Gainesville, Florida to […]

Jared’s Transit Transition

Jared, one of six high school students who spent their senior years in internships at Boone Hospital through the Seamless Transition through Enhanced Partnership (STEP) program, knew from that experience that he wanted to find a job after high school graduation. In order for a that plan to become a reality for him, Jared needed […]

Robert Takes Charge

Miriam-Webster defines self-determination as “the freedom to make your own choices.” At Boone County Family Resources, we would say that Robert is the epitome of a self-determined individual. When Robert first started receiving services with Boone County Family Resources, he lived with his family and relied on them for things like financial management, transportation and […]