On the Path to Certified Nursing Assistant

On the Path to Certified Nursing Assistant

Brianna is a 30-year-old woman who lives in Columbia with her family.  Brianna has been a client of BCFR since 2000; graduating from Rock Bridge High School in June 2003 with a dream of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  Following her high school graduation, Brianna did not participate in any structured day time activity […]

Clean Up Columbia!

On Saturday April 13, five Transition Network participants and five college students joined forces with over a thousand other volunteers to help “Cleanup Columbia”.  The participants in Transition Network — served by the agency’s Life & Work Connections program — are supported by peer mentors from Columbia College and the University of Missouri.  Participants have been learning skills necessary […]

Change Can Be a Good Thing

If you asked Mary if she wanted to exercise a few months ago, she would have politely turned you down.  Exercise was not an activity Mary enjoyed and she slowly started to gain weight due to inactivity and a poor diet which, as a result, she gained 11 pounds in one year. Due to Mary’s […]