Growth needs drive Boone County Family Resources’ property acquisitions

Avery Goes Full Time at Boone Hospital

Avery was among six high school seniors who participated in the STEP program at Boone Hospital.  He was the first of the  six to score the very positive outcome of full time employment with benefits.  He has the satisfaction of knowing he’s not graduating to the couch, as is too often the case for youth […]

A Spring Ride

When you first meet Laura you will notice her spunky personality. She is very humorous and will keep you laughing throughout your entire conversation with her.  Laura is 48 years old and has been receiving services from Boone County Family Resources since 1985. Most days you will find her relaxing in her apartment reading the […]


Describing Jacob in one word is easy, DETERMINED.  As a 19 year old, Jacob has demonstrated determination in achieving his goals in school, work and personal independence. When Jacob and his team discussed his desire to gain employment, his Support Coordinator completed a referral to the Career Awareness Related Experience (C.A.R.E) Program thru the City […]