Independent Lady

Independent Lady

When Matt Hoff was asked to choose a resident to participate in a new pharmacy pilot program, one person immediately came to mind: Laurie. As the Supervisor of the Boone County Family Resources Supported Living site where Laurie lives, Matt knew she would achieve a remarkable level of independence if this new system of dispensing […]

A Helping Hand

Allison is a 23-year-old moviebuff who maintains her own apartment, works the lunch shift at a busy restaurant and takes classes at Moberly Area Community College. In her free time, she watches movies and writes stories and is a regular volunteer at the annual True/False Film Festival. Sounds like a typical young adult, right? Thing […]

Rachel’s Road to Success

If you had to describe Rachel in one word, it would be sociable. She’s that bubbly person who rarely lets you pass without saying, “Hello, how are you?” no matter how cranky you might appear. Rachel is always ready with a smile, and chances are you’ll smile back. “Rachel is an enthusiastic young woman,” said   […]

On the Job at Olive Garden

If Kathy had her druthers, she would wash dishes at a local restaurant or at least work in food service. She washed dishes for six years at a local eatery until management nixed her position and assigned dishwashing to the waitresses and cooks. When Olive Garden Restaurant approached Boone County Family Resources about hosting three individuals […]

With a Little Help from His Friends

Not long ago T.J. spent most of his time at home. If he did go out, the 18-year-old usually kept to himself, rarely interacting with anyone, let alone other teenagers. A trip to the mall for T.J. was an hour or two alone playing video games at Game Stop. Concerned about her son’s social skills, […]