Friend on the Floor

Friend on the Floor

By MATT MAUS I had a vague notion autism was on the rise in the United States. You can’t help but hear about it. Still, it wasn’t until I took a sincere interest in the disorder that the prevalence of autism truly shocked me. Autism Spectrum Disorders are the fastest growing serious developmental disabilities in […]

School in the Real World

There was a time when 18-year-old Avery loathed high school. For him, the traditional school setting was boring and pointless. Avery, who has a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome, longed for a learning experience that was hands-on with training in the real world. Avery found what he was looking for this fall when he […]

John’s Story

It might seem cliché to say John is amazing until you hear his story. This fall John, 25, started classes at the University of Missouri School of Law, which doesn’t sound like much until you learn he was paralyzed from the neck down six years ago when the car he was driving collided with a […]

Something About Carol

Carol is adamant about one thing in her life: she will not be defined by her disability. When she meets new people, Carol hopes they look beyond her cerebral palsy and see the person she really is. “Many people would use CP as an excuse to be less active. Not Carol,” said Kim Cearlock, who […]