Tyler is a senior at Hickman High School, but he is no average Columbia student. Rather than sitting through American history or English literature, Tyler is receiving hands-on job training as an intern at Boone Hospital Center. Tyler is among the first eight students enrolled in the Seamless Transition through Enhanced Partnership (STEP), a new […]

Disability Awareness Month 2012

John Savage believes the workforce would be far more inclusive if employers understood that employees with disabilities are some of the most reliable and productive people on the job. Besides that, their presence often raises moral and creates an environment that feels all-encompassing to other employees as well as customers. “What people think it means […]

Celebrating Nikohlas

Laura knew before her son was born that Nikohlas would not be a typical child. Her pregnancy was especially difficult, and when he was born, Nikohlas didn’t act like other infants. “He didn’t want to be held or rocked, and forget using a swing!” Laura said. “He loved the vibrating chair and loud music.” By […]

Travels with Louise

Once you meet her, you will never forget Louise. She has an unexpected charm that leaves you smiling from the inside out. At first, her deadpan humor might catch you off guard, but once you recognize the twinkle in her eye, you know you’re in the company of someone extraordinary.  Louise is 62, but most […]