Independent with Grace

Independent with Grace

Leaving home and moving into an apartment is a big step for most young adults. That rite of passage can be especially challenging for twentysomethings who have a developmental disability. But with the right support and training, they can make the transition to a more independent life with grace and confidence. Just ask 24-year-old Jami […]

Attitude Makes the Difference

No matter how tough life gets or how many doors might close in her face, Jessica knows that the secret to perseverance is a positive attitude.  The spunky 19-year-old is living proof of the  adage. “Jessica is definitely an enthusiastic person and a hard worker,” said Maya Tarter, a Client Services Coordinator at Boone County […]

A Cat Tale

You might say Frances saved Angel. After all, she adopted Angel, a sweet-faced, black-and-white cat, from the Central Missouri Humane Society. But see them together, and you’ll realize that Angel has done something special for Frances, too. They needed each other. “You can sense the bond between them,” said Ann Tatayon, Frances’ Support Coordinator at […]