Isa Stands for Inspiration

Isa Stands for Inspiration

 There’s no doubt in Jason’s mind that his 3-year-old daughter is a miracle. One look at the bubbly, brown-eyed girl and you have to agree there is something special about Isa. But hear her story and you’ll understand her father’s resolve. “She’s an inspiration,” Jason said.   Her parent’s first-born, Isabelle, whom family and friends […]

Javion Digs In

Employment means a lot to Javion. The 14-year-old landscaping crew member on Boone County Family Resources’ Life and Work Team describes working on the crew as an opportunity to be outside, learn to safely use equipment and follow directions. Although one of the youngest trainees on the landscaping crew, Javion has revealed a strong work […]

Drumming Up Fun

       When staff at the BCFR supported living site  3706 asked if anyone would like to attend a powwow, Grea, C-J, Louise and Robert jumped at the opportunity.       On Memorial Day weekend, the four friends and Mimi Martinez, a Teacher Counselor at BCFR attended the 5th annual “For the People Powwow” at the Boone County Fairgrounds. […]

Planting Seeds of Independence

On a recent sunny afternoon, members of BCFR’s Life & Work Connections landscaping crew pulled on work gloves and dug in. The trio of young landscapers planted vegetables and a few Gerber daisies in the agency’s children’s garden. If all goes as planned, peppers should be ripening on the vine in a few weeks. The […]