A Mother’s Mission

A Mother’s Mission

 One thing Jenny Wade has learned from being the mother of a child with special needs is never under-estimate your own power. You might surprise yourself. That’s Jenny’s story. When Jenny and her husband, Darrin, chose a home water birth for their son, they didn’t anticipate any trouble. They had done the same thing for […]

Step by Step

One look at Dale, and you’d never guess that he was once overweight and suffering from high cholesterol. The 52-year-old is fit, active and enthusiastic about life. “I feel great!” he said emphatically.  Six years ago, Dale, who has Down syndrome, set out on a mission to improve his health. With the help of staff […]

Miss Congeniality

First thing you’ll notice about Stacy is her smile. Next, you’ll probably hear her infectious laugh; and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to know her irresistible personality. It’s no surprise that residents at the retirement community where the 29-year-old works as a dietician aid adore her. Stacy is downright fun. “It’s her bubbly personality that […]